Saturday, June 12, 2010

As we approach the tripping point...or has it already been past?

With the oil spill in the gulf from the Deep Horizon oil platform 52 days ago, and not being able to stop it from gushing out of the well, we need to rethink what we have and are continually doing to the earth. On reading last months issue of adbusters, "The Ecopsychology Issue" (#89), recent review of Mary-Jane Rust's books entitles "Ecotherepy: Healing with Nature in Mind" and "Climate on the Couch," brought on frightening realizations on where we are heading and how people cope with it. In "Ecotherepy: Healing with Nature in Mind," they explored people behavior and coping methods. In it, it is described, while having in a therapy session that her client admits to:

"spending there entire leisure time drinking heavily and taking drugs. She [the client] denies that this is a problem and tells me [the psychiatrist] that is the norm among her peer group of thirtysomethings...We explore the issue up and down, round and round, for some weeks. In a moment of wild thinking I ask 'What do you feel about the future?' 'We're completely fucked' the client admits...The clients esplains that we humans do not stand a chance. We consume and pollute the earth, causing climate change and widespread distruction, out future looks bleak. After we explore this further, I tentatively ask if she thinks there is a connection between this and her drinking. 'Oh definitely,' she [the client] replies. 'Why not drink and do drugs? There's no future. We might as well go out partying'"

This is curious and I will be looking for this book in the future. It is also scary, in that, I can see this happening. I see in happening in my own life and in the eyes of my colleagues. I learned in a population and community ecology class about populations being in equilibrium and how they crash when they fall out of equilibrium. In fact, as we become smarter, we can see that we are causing our own extinct, but not until we kill off every other living thing in the world first.

It is time to stop passing blame off into other people (both democrats and republicans parties) and start making a ecosystem revolution. Small things that each individual can do, does not and has not worked. But we still do them. Our landfill keep getting larger and larger, we destroy hundreds of thousands acres of natural habitat yearly, and we just see it as something that we must do to survive. Things need to change. Things need to stop. Ways to do it is changing our government and removing special interest. We constantly look for a change, but it has not happened. We elect new people, but still there is no change.

We need to stop being so selfish and realize that there is not much left of this finite earth. I think that you need to ask yourself, "What am I going to do?" Are you going to be apathetic and say that nothing can be done, or will you organize a movement? Will you wait for technology to save us, because most likely it will not? It hasn't so far.