Friday, August 27, 2010

Communication...or the there of.

With technology today, communication is easy. The the invention of cellular or mobile phones, a person can be reach practically ever where (within reach of a tower). When the internet was formed and e-mail soon there after, people can be reached immediately when they are at a computer. This has been a great advancement over sending mail out through the postal service, but has almost bankrupted the postal service itself. Now with the innovation of the smart phone, and the combination of e-mail, internet, and phone service, it is very easy.

So why has people became so reluctant to communicating with each other, now more than ever? Even in public, people have became cold. Passing by others on the street, people look down at there feet, don't look at each other, have ear buds in, and keep to themselves. I like the general nod or the smile from a passerby. But this is not what I want to write about...

What I want to know is why people, even friends, do not return phone calls and/or e-mails. It is common courtesy to reply. With e-mail, a general, "Hey, I'm have a lot to do right now, I'll get back to you soon" would be great, but I get nothing. On the phone, people would generally let their voicemail pick up. I, when people call, if I am with someone, will generally excuse myself, walk away and pick-up. If I am really busy, or if it is interupting something important, I'll send the caller to voicemail, but I'll call back as soon as I can possible do it. If I am really too busy, then I make time to reply and I make sure of it.

It is very cold and disrespectful of people, especially ones that people that you consider friends, to not return communication. Should you keep them as friends and contacts? I say "NO!" Even with facebook, why have 500 friends, when there is no communication. People just post something for other people to see, and that is good enough for them. I can be found guilty of not communicating with people sometimes, but in general, I go through my list and send a message ever now and again. Most times with no reply. Then there are those people that send out friend request, without even sending out communications. For those people, I wait a month and let them sit there, and if they don't have the common courtesy to send a message to try to set up a line of communication, I press ignore. Then after three or four times of a person doing that, I send a message to them explaining my reasonings.

Communication is what is lacking in our society today. On so many level. Communication with our government, colleagues, friends, academics, etc. Maybe something will get accomplished, especially with our government, but that is another story.

So, I say take the time in your day, to say hello to a friend, or a passerby. Maybe it will make a difference.