Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too many and not enough

As of July, 2008, according to the CIA, the world population is now over 6 billion people and by 2012 we will reach another milestone of 7 billion. Of that, China has the most settling in at 1.3 billion followed behind by India (1.1 billion) and the U.S. (305 million). Some nations (Monaco) are so crowded that that they have almost 17,000 people per square km (for all those Americans that do not know the metric system that would be approximately 1/3 of a mile squared). Those numbers are astounding, who would think that there are that many people on earth. Now think of it in resources. How much grain does the world have to make to feed that many mouths? How many animals have to be domesticated then sent to slaughter to fulfill the needs of many? How many resources are we raping form earth to keep humans living? How many species are we causing to go extinct because we are selfish?

One thing that I find appalling is that Japan is letting their workers go home early to procreate. This is because that there population is declining with a birth rate of 1.34 well below that of 2.07, the amount of children that need to be born to replace the parents and to keep a population stable. I question why? I know that there has to be a base to keep the economy stable, but that imparts that the world population has to continue to grow. There has to be a point where it can’t grow anymore. There has to be a point where all the resources are gone and there in no more to take from the earth. Technology will not save us. What will eventually happen is that we, as a species, are so dumb is that we will cause our own extinction, but not before we kill everything else off. Sit back and reflect on that for a while…

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