Saturday, May 2, 2009

DRIVERS: Watch Out for Cyclist

We have EQUAL rights to the road. Don't honk at us, don't cut us off, and above all, keep aware if us. And CYCLIST, effing obey all street laws: stop at stop signs and lights, don't blow through them. The next time I see one of you doing that, I'll put by hand pump through your front spokes!

Here is an old video...but a good one:



Merri said...

as a pedestrian, i dont like cyclists. nothing against you personally, but im constantly getting almost run over. by bikes, not cars. bikes going the wrong way down the street, bikes driving through red lights, driving into me when i have a walk sign, etc. its very annoying sometimes. of course im sure most bike riders arent trying to run me over but the ones who are... ug. :)

Jason said...

And this is why people are mad at others who ride bikes, it make us good riders look bad. And this is why I will take care of business and do something aboot it (hand-pump through front spokes), though it might get me into a fight. Thanks for the comment :)

Ashley said...

So last summer, I got cut off by a dude in a pickup truck, which made me wreck and bloody up my knee. When I yelled at him, he actually pulled over, came back, and got in my face. 250-lb redneck man vs 110-lb, bleeding, woman. Needless to say, I was appalled. Apparently, I should have been riding on the sidewalk.

Jason said...

Wow Ashley, I can't believe that! Either people should learn what the rules are and that we are allowed to ride two abreast on the roads, or not be allowed to drive because they are so ignorant.