Monday, November 2, 2009

Carlsson et al 2004 reflection

I have many different view-points on the paper by Carlsson et al. (2009; Ecology 85:1575-1580). On one hand, this paper was very good at teasing out how the invading species of Golden Apple Snail is negatively correlated with species richness of edible plants and macrophyte species numbers, positive relationship between Golden Apple Snail density and phytoplankton biomass; but on the other hand, I found a vague interpretation of a ecosystem service within this paper. Of course, they imply change to ecosystem function function, but do they do little to spell out how the ecosystem function in a way of an ecosystem service...that was until it was all compiled at the end. Very little of the story was told on how that increases in phytoplankton contributes to the inhibition of water filtering, nutrient retention capacity of wetlands, and human consumption of water. The authors lead a way that the reader could imply a loss of a ecosystem function, but it was not completely spelled out, and I thought that I had to make some bigger leaps to get to what they wanted me to think.

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