Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

The time has come around once again to cast your ballot. You are either a die-hard democrat or a die-hard republican and you think what you are doing is changing the way that the country is going to ran. Then thoughts of one of my favorite worker right activist, Emma Goldman, comes to mind. "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

Nothing is truer of American. Democrats will always fight Republicans and the Republicans will always fight Democrats. It does not matter how each bill are similar in some ways, if it is Republican supported and Democrats will fight it, or vise-versa.

What do we do about it? Currently, we vote. What does this gets us? Elected life-long politicians that care nothing of their constituents but only care of what is going to get them elected the next term. That is all that they care for. What brings them the most money and what will get them elected the next term.

The majority of Americans are apathetic to this situation. We support, the lesser of the two evils. We should stop! If we are sick of it, then we need to do something, because voting does us nothing. The Europeans know how to do it. They don't like something, they strike! We don't like something, we say "there is nothing we can do about it."

So, this year, I choose not to vote. The idea is not to throw my support to the other side, the tea-partiers, because it takes my vote out, but to not give support to a system that is broken and say it is okay to be governed. Henry David Thoreau said it best "Participation [voting] is an instrument of [government] conquest...encourages people to give their consent to being governed."

It is okay to not vote! Strike the Root is a great web-site and I support his ideas. What we really need to do is to get educated (something that the government is totally against) and rise up and take power!


Merri said...

I dunno..i don’t think that not voting will really do anything. There are more candidates out there than just republican and democrat. I vote as independent so I can vote for whoever I like best. But not voting at all really does help people I might really dislike gain their candidacy, just because there is no one voting against them. I don’t see how not voting helps at all.

Jason said...

Thanks for your comment Merri. The main reason for not voting for me is that it give people permission to govern me. Eventhough I will be governed, there is no reason to be governed. I don't see a point when I am moral. It is my protest against a government that doesn't really do anything for the people.