Sunday, March 7, 2010

America in Default

Why is it that when the government want to help out it's citizen, all of the sudden it is seen as a bad idea? The citizen of the U.S.A. should be able to have affordable health care, and not have to go in dept. All the government is looking at the the cost of reforming health care, they are not looking at the benefits to the population. Who lobbies to try to stop health care reform? The insurance companies. How is health a profit making institution!!!!!!!! We worry about what it would cost us if we actually pass this bill. I hear everyday, that more dept would be cause and send us further down the spiral. What is the major cost to America today? Both of our wars! Afghanistan and Iraq and I do not see us leaving there anytime soon.

What I am really, really sick our government...that does NOTHING but bicker with each other. Choose a side, go ahead, I don't care. All you have is two choices. Republican or democrat (I refuse to choose a side now, I am, in fact, ashamed to even consider myself an American now)...and when you choose a side, you'll hate the other. It always happens. All they care about is getting re-elected and making money. They don't give a shit about there citizens. They just want the power...the power to get NOTHING done.

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