Friday, January 9, 2009

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The thought of expanding technology and its impact on the environment has been a major concern in my mind. With new technology making new "stuff" and using more resources from this already stricken earth is disheartening. Mining for these resources has polluted our waterways and destroyed pristine natural habitat. The waste created is through technology is being tossed away into landfills. On US-27 south out of Oxford, OH, before entering Colerain, a business district before getting to Cincinnati, is the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill.

This is the view that I found as you travel north on US-27. The site is appalling. Almost 40% of waste is paper and I have read that 40% of that comes from businesses and corporations. Technology was supposed to cut down on waste be digitizing everything, but tons of waste is still generated. Most colleges has implemented ways to cut down on waste by recycling but what concerns me is the amount that is tossed into the recycling bins that is not recycled.

It has been said that technology will save us, but I am starting to doubt that. To know that other products has cut down on wastes is a light at the end of a tunnel (though the tunnel might be a hole that we are falling through and the light might be HELL) Getting back on topic, because my mind doesn't always follow a straight path, using computers to generate other forms of digital information has cut back on waste. Digitizing music into MP3 and putting them onto a device to listen to it instead of buying CDs in one thing. Also reading my morning news on on Green my Blog: The Best Way to Make a Web Site Energy Efficient has put hope back into society...somewhat. Lets try to do something about this. Lets not be a "throw away" generation and ultra consumer Americans. Lets try to create better places for future generations instead of making huge piles of waste for everyone to look at.

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kyle said...

I like the American flag at the top of the landfill - we claim this land for garbageland!