Tuesday, January 6, 2009

life till now

What can I say? It has been a long winding road that I have been on with a lot of hills; some of them steep that it seems impossible to surmount...but somehow I manage. I have way to many things in my life going on at once, and I want more. Graduate school is kicking my ass, but somehow I managed a B and B+ in the two classes. My research is stagnant and seems to lead nowhere. Hopefully that will change once I get into the field. So what can I say up to now?

This is my first post to this site. I want to write to open peoples eyes to everything that is going on in this world that is wrong. I hope that other will help me. Global change. War. Destruction. Over-consumption. My graduate thesis follows some of these topics. I hope to post more and will because I will make time for this. I will be more structured.

My graduate thesis is on increasing in industrial agricultural and how it effects insect biodiversity and pollinator abundances. I am concern about pollinators, because they produce the fruit and vegetables that we consume. Once the honeybees are gone because of the sudden colony collapse, we loose the major pollinators. We still have other pollinators (e.g., true flies and other bees and wasps), but they are not as good. It is all because of homogeneous fields of corn, which is wind pollinated. The big fields of monocropping cuts back the natural habitat that other insects need for alternative food sources and nesting. This all comes back into the who over-consumptions of humans, especially Americans.

I hope to make this site as a basis of discussion for a lot of these topics, and I will promote this as much as I can as well as my friends site Under the Concrete. Let see if I can get this started...

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