Friday, January 9, 2009

Stimulus what?

President elect Obama stimulus package, on top of creating a higher national debt, in not giving enough tax benefits towards alternative forms of energy. Firstly, the majority of the energy that is produced in America is coming from coal...a dirty source of energy, no matter what is advertised on the television. Here is a what clean coal looks like. Secondly, our debt makes it so that we borrow money from China, which is a country that tries to poison, uses children for slave labor and unnecessarily imprison people for numerous violations for acts that should be free.

Lets re-evaluate where all of our money is going first, then use some of that money to stimulate our economy. Let stop feeding nations with war (i.e., Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan) and use some of that money to create jobs. Our nation would be so more secure if we didn't occupy other countries unnecessarily. We try to force our ideas onto others that do not want it. For that we are hated...

Here is more on the subject.

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